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Nelson Digital Billoard Study 2015 | Keenan Media

Nielsen, the global leader in research, ratings and data for all types of media, did a study focusing on how consumers perceive digital billboards in five different US markets. View this study to see the effectiveness of digital billboard advertising in these markets.

Outdoor advertising research | Keenan Media

This study shows the widespread effectiveness of outdoor advertising on today's mobile consumer. It shows the ability of out of home advertising to connect with consumers in comparison to other advertising mediums under a variety of factors and time related variables.

Daktronics Research | Keenan Media

This publication from our partner and digital display manufacturer, Daktronics, shows you how to tailor creative design to maximize the effectiveness of your advertisement on our Digital Billboards. Use this information as a guideline for content to produce the best quality ad for your marketing campaign.

Arbitron Research | Keenan Media

In this study Arbitron examines multiple advertising mediums including outdoor advertising, television, radio, internet and newspapers. The focus of this study is to establish a side-by-side comparison of the reach, frequency and audience composition of each advertising platform.

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